Temperature Transmitter for Hazardous Area - HT1003

The HT1003 temperature transmitter is available in two different versions:

- For Eurocard 19" rack mounting, hazardous / non- hazardous area

- For DIN Rail enclosure, hazardous / non-hazardous area

The standard transmitter used Pt-100 platinum sensors and has a programmable measuring range from -100 to +250 0C. Other sensors, for example Pt-500 or Pt-1000, are also available on request. Temperature ranges exceeding the standard range can be ordered as an option. The basic accuracy of the instrument is +/- 0.1 %. It is powered by a 24 VAC/DC univeral power supply. 

Ranges and the sensor wiring is programmed with DIL switches. The sensor signal is linearized and converted into a current signal of either 0...20 mA or 4...20 mA. Sensor circuit, output current source and supply power are galvanicly separated from each other.

With the hazardous version, sensor and signal current output can be fed into the hazardous area. The instrument itself has to be mounted outside the hazardous area!

If any one of the three or four sensor connections is broken, the instrument's output current will be between 24...27 mA.


Eurocard 19" Rack Mounting


DIN Rail Enclosure

Technical data 

Normal version

- Eurocard for 19" rack mounting 100 x 160 mm, 4TE

- 35 mm mounting rail, EN 50022-35

Version hazardous area

- Eurocard for 19" rack mounting 100 x 160 mm, 4TE

- 35 mm mounting rail, EN 50022-35


[EEx ia] IIC Cenelec 50014/50020/91.1C12369X for sensor and signal current circuit


Pt-100 (optionally Pt-500/Pt-1000)

Sensor wiring

2-, 3-, 4-wire, programmable

Measuring range

within -100...+250 0C programmable with DIL switches, optionally other ranges.


+/- 0.1 % @ 23 0C ambient temperature within the range of -50...+500 0C


Better than 0.1 %

Signal current output

Zero drift - typical 20 ppM / 0C; gain drift - typical 18 ppM / 0C

Long-term stability

0.2 % after 3 months

Working temperature range

-5...45 0C

Max. humidity

95 %, non-condensing

Max. lead length sensor wires

2-wire - depending on the max. measureing error

3-wire - up to 20 wire resistance symmetrical

4-wire - upto 20 wire resistance symmetrical

Signal bandwidth

0.4 Hz @ -3 dB

Max. load

500 W

Max. length signal current wires

400 m (hazardous area = limited capacitance).

Signal current output impedance

Better than 1 MW


Limits of sensor circuit

Co < 10 mF, Lo < 2 mH

Limits of signal current output

Co < 1 mF, Lo < 1 mH

Power supply

Universal power supply 24 VAC/DC, 2.6 W independent of supply voltage, fuse 5 x 20 mm, 160 mAT, max. current during short circuit 35 A IEC-No. 127.

Fine adjustment

Two 19-turn potentiometers.




Eurocard 19" Rack Mounting


DIN Rail Enclosure